Friday, 22 July 2011

To pfungwa; a poem

To Pfungwa*

The others, they're the living dead in solitude,

of friends and foes who fizzled for lack of attitude,

ladies who dreamt of becoming beauty queens,

dreams that became hollow manuscripts; never to see the screens.

But me and my life, our destiny is significant,

my passion remains militant.

To fulfil a purpose,

A cause littered with all but intelligent verbose.


forgive my folly of yesterday,

I have my excuse, the tardiness of youth I say.

Allow me to enter your better dreams,

of sunny blue skies and many awes in screams.

Forgive me, if in all this I still fall short

Caress my guts and chide what hubris brought.

It was your fault in any case,

You sowed a seed in me to bargain for nothing less.

Little did you know God’s plan and action,

is for me to lead a nation.

A nation I call me,

that with no borders, tax, or any fee.

The path I travel has crossed many,

providence and dividends for the price of a penny.

Of strangers and creatures,

writing fiction and vanity pictures.

I learnt of Oysters that bore a pearl,

hardships that will make me an Earl!

*pfungwa- mind, thoughts.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The love for Chinos

I love Chino’s. I love the way they feel on my skin. The tapered and tailored fit gives me a confidence to take on the world. Chinos are an excellent travelling companion, worn for multiple functions and dressed up in various ways. I wear mine, with a blazer, cardigan, polo shirt or shirt and immediately assume a different persona. I accessorise with belts and shoes and the same pair assumes a different aura.

I have noticed that many men have taken to wearing chinos. Unfortunately they wear chinos as they would ordinary trousers. This is wrong and a travesty. I understand that Americans have to wear everything pleated and buggy. But please not for a pair of Chinos; it doth destroy the “look”. The chinos look says “cool” not “granny pj’s” or “hammer pants”. And that should be the standard of whether or not one is wearing chinos correctly. Do you feel cool? Are you the coolest person in the room? If not, then it might be time to stop wearing chinos. Try something else.

My personal favourites are Chinos by Eden Park, Ralph Lauren and Hackett.