Monday, 31 January 2011

In defense of Kanye West

A man who dresses this good must be forgiven seven fold times. But wait a minute the good book says forgiveness should be a running stream no matter what for any man, in no particular preference. Yet the world has chosen to persecute the greatest imaginative mind in the music industry at the moment. Admittedly, there is something off about Kanye west,  clearly Kanye is no breath of fresh air- but he certainly is a Superstar!

Kanye West is arrogant- the mob shouts in chorus, persecute him and ban his music from the airwaves. He is the wrong role model cries the parent – in vain trying to keep his/her kids from listening to Kanye. Is this not an indictment that something is badly wrong with our society, quick to persecute a man for simply not having the inclination to pretext his askance with please and may i? Kanye has no manners, point taken. Kanye is a manic MC whose inspired words and rhyme have taken music to another level-This point should be taken.

Unwrapping Mr West’s album felt like walking into Picasso’s Museum in Barcelona, one is simply entering a zone. A zone where you return never the same, the grandeur of the tour is a glimpse of works of art of a genius!. A twisted genius nonetheless. Picasso introduced the world to blue and pink emotions, Kanye introduces the world to pink fantasies of a  Socrates kind,( more chocolatie) in a MurciĆ©lago.

In recent times I have had my own existential crisis. I have tried to understand my life and what life really means. I had my sad moment, until I read L. Mises and the words “the fully satisfied individual is purposeless, he does not act, he has no incentive to think, he spends his days in leisurely enjoyment of life. Whether such a fairy-like existence is desirable may be left undecided. It is certain that living men can never attain such a state of perfection and equilibrium.” Kanye made me understand that life is a constant flux .Here is one individual who is never satisfied, who has made the world of music better off!